Eye & Face Protection

We offer a wide range of Face Protection accessories for a variety of applications. Our face protection products include a complete range of spectacles, masks and ear protection products.

These products have been designed with outstanding quality in mind. This results in excellent protection against impact particles during welding, liquid splashes, dusty sites or dealing with chemical products such as in oil fields etc. When developing these products special attention is also paid to ensure maximum comfort.

The AAA SAFE Eye Protection range offers a variety of modern and stylish safety glasses that protect the eyes from a wide range of hazards and are available with a selection of coatings, lens types, and accessories.

The wide selection of our face mask and respiratory masks helps to protect the labours in a wide range of work environments like sweeping, grinding, painting, spraying, welding, etc.

Our ear protection accessories include ear muffs and silicone earplugs which reduces the loud harsh sounds during construction and other heavy activities.

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